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I Can't Give Up

I was having serious knee problems in 2010. My doctor said even though I wasn't the usual patient, I needed knee replacements. I was not going to have them at that time, The doctor told me that I would know when I was ready. So, one of my options was to have knee injections for five weeks and therapy. The injections were not a problem but the therapy was very grueling and painful. I would lay on the therapy mat and cry, but I knew it was for my good and when I did feel like giving up, “I Can't Give Up” would come into my head and I would sing it and it would get me through my session. Several months later I did have surgery and am better now . But this song got me through some of the darkest days of my life. I thank God for this song and the anointing under which Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC's sing it. All Praise Be Unto The Lord!

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